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At Virtual Insurance Service, our job is to make your business run smoother. Here are some ways we use modern technology to help your agency


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Have a question about our service? Well you aren't the only one. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page and see what questions are being asked. 


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We have developed a virtual system that fits just about any insurance agency, broker, or company.




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Call for a Professional Assistant that will improve your bottom line! We can help you with projects of any size. Learn more about how we can make your job easier!


What We Do

We have developed a virtual system that fits just about any insurance agency, broker, or company. Our insurance agent services cover everything from initial client contacts and sales to management of your accounts and client database to projects of any size. 

About Us

Each of our employees are a licensed CA Property/Casualty Insurance Agent and experience ranges to up to 30 years in the industry. With our certified team in California, and our reliable team in India, we can assure you that we are able to handle any needs your insurance agency may require.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about what we do and how we do it by reading our Frequently Asked Questions page. We have tried our hardest to answer our most frequently asked questions in an easy and understandable way. See how we can make your job easier and give us a call!

See What Our Clients Have To Say

Thank you for helping my client with his claim today, he felt well taken care of after his conversation with you. It thrills me to hear how a client felt assured after talking with you when I was out of the office today helping with a youth camp.

- Agent in Dallas, TX

The Virtual Insurance Service team is very knowledgeable in the insurance industry. They are always available when I have a question or an assignment. Virtual Insurance Service is a great asset to my business and due to their services, I can spend more time in the field.

- Agent in Sacramento, CA.

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Virtual insurance outsourcing Services

A Glimpse At And Excellent Virtual Insurance Allowance

Customer Service Representative (CSR)

Learn more about our CSR and customer service representative here.

Only focus on what is necessary for your business to run.

If you are looking into ways to upgrade your use of time and energy in your insurance business and are not sure exactly where to turn, you owe it to yourself to look into This company provides a plethora of virtual insurance services for customers who are in need of anything from business auto insurance, commercial insurance and workers compensation insurance to farm owners insurance, and general liability coverage involving property. There are a number of insurance assistant and outsourcing packages that can be useful to you in this regard, but you will need to understand the ins and outs of these insurance assistance models, to see exactly why and how they can be useful to you in different ways.

Do you need book keeping?

Learn about our accounting service here.

Take care of your key business goals only

The guide below will give you a clear idea of why this is important and will explain some business models that will take your coverage to the next level. Read on and make the most of this information and then be sure that you visit to see exactly what they can do for your insurance needs.

All You Need To Know About Business Process Outsourcing and BPO Services

Learn about our business process outsourcing and BPO services here.

No need for long term contracts.

In terms of Insurance BPO services, you will have the opportunity to get the most out of your coverage process use by allowing a virtual assistant business to carry the load. As opposed to having to have an underwriter in your office handle things in a traditional manner, you'll be able to tackle such processes in a way that is more expedient and efficient. It is important to realize the major point of insurance BPO, as opposed to simply trying to cut costs with a consolidation.

Insurance Process Management

The major thing to keep in mind is that insurance BPO should be used as a means to allow you to grow as opposed to just saving a quick bit of money. You will be able to do this by outsourcing the work and upgrading your workflow, allowing you to have more time on other tasks. In outsourcing your insurance work, you will have the opportunity to set your company up more for growth and will have your company's needs handled with peace of mind and effectiveness intact. When you reach out to, you will be in a great position to outsource your insurance company's needs, as this business has been accustomed to helping people like you do this for years.

Take the load of your non important business processes

Buying using our services, you can aleviate a lot of your headaches.

Call Center Reps

The biggest thing that you can do is have clear objectives laid out for them ahead of time so they know exactly what to learn and why they need to learn it. Having this clarity of purpose will let you do your due diligence in training the best possible assistant for your insurance agency.

How To Scale Your Business

When looking to upgrade and capitalize on your insurance business process, it is very important that you first get a handle on your security and cloud-based services. Since so much work will be done virtually, you should get a firm grasp of how you would like to handle these sorts of matters so that information can be quickly and cleanly passed along between you and your virtual assistant, without having to worry about any sort of security issues. So much of the work is conducted via the cloud in this day and age, so by having this infrastructure in place or by exploring the platform offered by the company that you are looking to do business with, you will always be in the driver's seat and well aware of how these matters will best be handled. Be sure to focus on things like encryption and the growth of your database as your business grows. Focusing on these matters will allow you to always remain aware of how your information is being stored and handled and will allow you to grow it along with your business. Always be looking for ways to upgrade your storage and cyber security as you make changes throughout the course of your company, whether you are dealing with employee turnover or simply want to embrace new business models. Learn more on wiki. Contact us today for all your insurance outsourcing needs.

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