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At Virtual Insurance Service, our job is to make your business run smoother. Here are some ways we use modern technology to help your agency


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Have a question about our service? Well you aren't the only one. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page and see what questions are being asked. 


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We have developed a virtual system that fits just about any insurance agency, broker, or company.




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Call for a Professional Assistant that will improve your bottom line! We can help you with projects of any size. Learn more about how we can make your job easier!


What We Do

We have developed a virtual system that fits just about any insurance agency, broker, or company. Our insurance agent services cover everything from initial client contacts and sales to management of your accounts and client database to projects of any size. 

About Us

Each of our employees are a licensed CA Property/Casualty Insurance Agent and experience ranges to up to 30 years in the industry. With our certified team in California, and our reliable team in India, we can assure you that we are able to handle any needs your insurance agency may require.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about what we do and how we do it by reading our Frequently Asked Questions page. We have tried our hardest to answer our most frequently asked questions in an easy and understandable way. See how we can make your job easier and give us a call!

See What Our Clients Have To Say

Thank you for helping my client with his claim today, he felt well taken care of after his conversation with you. It thrills me to hear how a client felt assured after talking with you when I was out of the office today helping with a youth camp.

- Agent in Dallas, TX

The Virtual Insurance Service team is very knowledgeable in the insurance industry. They are always available when I have a question or an assignment. Virtual Insurance Service is a great asset to my business and due to their services, I can spend more time in the field.

- Agent in Sacramento, CA.

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For Insurance Companies, Why You Should Outsource Work To Virtual Insurance Service

If you are working in the insurance industry, you already know that the work can be overwhelming. Not only do you need to pick new clients every day, you also need to fill up a lot of paperwork, preparing proposals, among others. Anyone who has been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work knows that there is a need for another pair of hands to do the less important and routine aspects of the job so that the main stars, the insurance agents can do a better job of bringing in new clients and making current ones happy.

Well, thankfully, there is a company called Virtual Insurance Service. The company, which has its official website on http://www.virtualinsuranceservice.com/, specializes in virtual assistant work specifically to people in the insurance industry. The good thing about it is that they have highly-qualified people, or people with experience working in the insurance industry, which means that you will only need to train a virtual assistant for only three to five (just enough time to train and familiarize them with your business process).

So, if you have insurance agents who are complaining that they are doing more paperwork than doing any real work that brings in profits, you will definitely want to introduce them to the idea of hiring a virtual assistant at Virtual Insurance Service. As we said before, the workers there are already well-versed in how the background work of insurance works.

For you as a business owner, you will definitely want to hire a virtual set of hands because it is cheaper than hiring a full-time employee to do clerical work. You only pay an hourly fee and you can do away with the overhead cost, resulting in savings of at least 50%.

But we totally understand if you have any hesitation in using their service. After all, there are issues that need to be addressed like data security and technology requirements.

As for data security, you really do not need to worry about it because the virtual assistant will only work on parts of the job that they are supposed to do. You can create a restricted account that disables any and all access to sensitive information. If you are like most insurance offices, you would already have an online system for managing client information. You can use the existing system to create an account for the virtual assistant you hire.

As for technology, there is no special software involved aside from the standard remote access, which is a standard of any Windows laptop.

Some of the back office work that Virtual Insurance Service can provide include services related to the policy itself like renewal (sending renewal letters and proposals). And there are also services related to new business marketing and processing (proposal preparation or obtaining relevant information from client or agent). There are also services that related to agency accounting.

For a full list of services that you can outsource, make sure to visit the page http://www.virtualinsuranceservice.com/services.html

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