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What is a Virtual Assistant?

Remote workers work in a call or service center, and can be stationed off shore in countries such as China or India or even remotely in an area near you. Virtual Insurance Service’s virtual assistants are unique in that they are insurance industry people who work from home in California as a contract worker, using technology to do any work that is required just as if they were your own employee. One of the biggest benefits to hiring a virtual assistant is that they cost significantly less, since they do not require office overhead and have more competitive hourly rates.

What are the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant?

Benefits to hiring a remote contract professional include many things such as

  • Cost effective – Save 40% – 50% on staff and overhead costs per employee
  • Frees up highly paid staff – Your staff can now focus on retention and bringing in new business, which can lead to greater productivity and growth.
  • Fill vacancies – Shift lower level work away from your staff

Are my computer system and data secure?

Our remote staff works within your management system so that none of your data ever leaves your system. With password protected work and certain processes to protect any information sharing, you can rest assured that your computer system and data are completely secure.

How will the use of Virtual Insurance Service be perceived by my existing employees?

We can help you craft a message to your employees that explains the benefits of using Virtual Insurance Service virtual assistants. We explain how remote contract staffing will relieve them of lower-level routine backlog they might have, so that they are free enough to focus on the more fulfilling work of client service. Most employees and insurance companies feel overworked and worried about potential errors because of under staffing. By supplementing your staff with a virtual assistant, we can help relieve the daily stress felt by your staff so they can be more productive.

Do I have to train a virtual assistant?

Yes, you do have to train the virtual assistant that you hire. However, because we have employees who are highly experienced and knowledgeable in insurance, you only need to train them in your particular processes, workflows and in the specifics of how you use your management system. Training a virtual assistant should take no longer than three to five days—the typical amount of time it takes to train a new hire who has many years of experience in insurance.

Do I have to supervise a virtual assistant?

Just as you would a highly trained and experienced employee, you only need to supervise them minimally. We take pride in the quality and quantity of our work, and that is something you will be able to see immediately. Virtual Insurance Service will meet with you to ensure the work meets more than your satisfaction. If you are unhappy with some of the work, we correct the situation immediately.

How do you determine what services I need and how many virtual assistants I need?

We can work with you to determine which processes and tasks can be done more cost effectively by your virtual assistant. There are thousands of processes being done every day by your staff, and our goal is to relieve some of that work. If you are short staffed and unable to fine an affordable talent, we can make up for that work with a virtual assistant.

We suggest that you start with one virtual assistant to see how effective a VA can be for you. They can be either part-time or full-time or they can work on a specific project for you. Once you understand and see how a virtual assistant works and which processes and tasks you would like to outsource, we can work together with you to determine how many VA’s you might need.

What size do we have to be to benefit from virtual assistant?

You can be any size. No agency or brokerage is too small or too large.

How much time does it take to get started?

Typically only a week or two is needed to get started with your Virtual Assistant. We can work with you to determine which processes you wish to outsource to us. After setting up your account, preparing the virtual assistants remote desktop, and testing the communication, you can then begin to start training your VA on your management system, processes and workflow. This process takes a few days.

Do I need to purchase any technology and equipment?

No new technology or new equipment is needed when you hire a virtual assistant. All you need is a Broadband Internet Connection, remote access technology, and additional management system user licenses. We will provide dual monitors to our assistants if you use them.

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