Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a subset of outsourcing that involves contracting the operations and responsibilities for a particular business process to a third-party service provider.

Virtual Insurance Service is equipped to deliver you the finest call center outsourcing solutions. We are here to offer you the highest quality along with a spectacular customer experience that will boost your business’s productivity and help you focus on the tasks you perform best.

We tailor our call center and contact center processes to meet your company needs, culture and business goals. It’s just not outsourcing for us, we run your call center like ours!

We have extensive experience in improving core processes using automation tools, proprietary benchmarking tools, ERP optimization and frameworks for innovation, and business process re-engineering.

We do a lot more than just calls. We specialize in dealing with your customers through emails and web chats and maintaining logs to help you in forecasting important decisions.

Every call, a query or email is potential conversion. We ensure that you don’t miss of any of it. Just tell us what data you want to capture and you will never miss on an opportunity ever again.

We take care of data entry from purchase orders or digital invoices, debit and credit memos, updating CMS or business application software. Literally almost everything!

Document handling gets too much. Therefore, it is ideal to outsource tasks like hyperlinks and placing bookmarks, caption labeling and numbering, or any other help, we can deliver best results.

Inbound & Outbound Call Center Outsourcing Solutions for ALL Industries.

Give your business its own professional customer service team and never miss any call, client or lead again!