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Outsourcing Solutions for Bookkeeping & Accounting For Insurance Companies, Brokers & Agencies

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Top Six Reasons for Using Our Service


Our office is staffed with people who are experienced with insurance bookkeeping processes and systems, therefore little training is needed.

Quick Start:

We have the staff to start working on your behalf today. There is no wait time to find the right person.

No Vacations:

When the bookkeeper assigned to your agency is not available the project manager will handle your daily work so you are never behind.

Real Time:

All tasks are completed daily so there is never a work backlog. Month and year-end periods are closed the last day of the period.


Accounts are reconciled daily to assure accuracy of reports and account balances.


As tasks are completed and electronically filed each day, agency management has access to the information necessary to assure things are being completed appropriately.


  • Process Commission Deposits
  • Process Direct Bill Reconciliation
  • Process Vendor Payables
  • Reconcile Operating Account
  • Process Agency Bill Premium Deposits
  • Manage Agency Bill Company Invoices and Customer Payments
  • Process Company Invoice Payment
  • Reconcile Trust Account
  • Reconcile Trust Account, Company Accounts Payable Report and Customer Receivables Report
  • Close Day/Close Month/Close Year
  • Process Period End Accounting Reports
  • Journal and Ledger Maintenance


  • Operating Account Reconciliation
  • Trust Account Reconciliation
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Report
  • Producer Commissions Report
  • Expiration Lists CSR
  • Expiration Lists Agents
  • Missed Renewal List

How it works

commisson deposits

Agency Personnel:
– Deposits commission checks received in office
– Scans a copy of deposit and checks then emails to VIBS

– Records bank deposits in the system
– Records ACH deposits in the system
– Balances system deposits with bank statement
– Electronically file deposit copies

DB reconciliation

Agency Personnel:
– Scans commission statements only received by mail and emails them to VIBS 

– Tracts commission deposits and DB statements received on Excel Spreadsheet
– Processes DB commission downloads
– Processes DB commission statements from websites
– Reconciles DB statements
– Electronically files all DB statements

vendor payables

Agency Personnel:
– Scans and emails VIBS all invoices received in office

– Enters ACH vendor payments into the system
– Processes vendor checks to be printed by agency
– Balances payments with bank statement 
– Electronically files all paid invoices

Agency Personnel:
– Prints and mails checks to vendor

premium deposits

Agency Personnel:
– Deposits premium checks received in office
– Scans and email VIBS copies of deposits and checks

– Enters premium deposits into system
– Balances premium deposits with checking account
– Electronically files deposits

company payables

– Reconciles agency bill statements 
– Prepares agency bill checks to be printed by agency
– Electronically files printed checks and invoices
– Balances company payments with checking account

Agency Personnel:
– Printed and mails checks to company 


– Operating Account Reconciliation 
– Trust Account Reconciliation 

– Income Statement
– Balance Sheet
– Cash Report

– Producer Commission Report
– Expiration Lists CSR
– Expiration Lists Agents
– Book of Business Report
– Missed Renewal Report

special projects

– Gather year-end tax documents for CPA
– Prepares Personal Property Tax Statement
– Process 1099’s

Other Reports:
– Close Day / Month / Year
– Process Agency Downloads

getting started

– Provide login credentials for agency management system
– Establish email account 
– Provide login credentials for premium finance company 
– Provide login credentials for all insurance companies 
– Provide login credentials (view only) for bank

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