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Bookkeeping Solutions
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Leave the Bookkeeping to Us

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Outsourcing Solutions for Bookkeeping & Accounting For Insurance Companies, Brokers & Agencies

Including: Applied, AMS360 & Epic Bookkeeping

   Process Commission Deposits
   Process Direct Bill Reconciliation
   Process Vendor Payables
   Reconcile Operating Account
   Process Agency Bill Premium Deposits
   Manage Agency Bill Company Invoices and Customer Payments
   Process Company Invoice Payment
   Reconcile Trust Account, Company Accounts Payable Report, and Customer Receivables Report
   Close Day/Close Month/Close Year
   Process Period End Accounting Reports
   Journal and Ledger Maintenance
   HR – Employee Time and Attendance Including Electronic Time Card Edits
   HR - Payroll Processing
   HR – Manage Agency’s Employee Benefits
      Operating Account Reconciliation
      Trust Account Reconciliation
      Income Statement
      Balance Sheet
      Cash Report
      Producer Commissions Report
      Expiration Lists CSR
      Expiration Lists Agents
      Missed Renewal List
Top Six Reasons for Using Our Service


Our office is staffed with people who are experienced with insurance bookkeeping processes and systems, therefore little training is needed.

Quick Start:

We have the staff to start working on your behalf today. There is no wait time to find the right person.

No Vacations:

When the bookkeeper assigned to your agency is not available the project manager will handle your daily work so you are never behind.

Real Time:

All tasks are completed daily so there is never a work backlog. Month and year-end periods are closed the last day of the period.


Accounts are reconciled daily to assure accuracy of reports and account balances.


As tasks are completed and electronically filed each day, agency management has access to the information necessary to assure things are being completed appropriately.

How It Works

insurance bookkeeping outsourcing outsourcing services

We Provide Outsourcing For Insurance Companies Who Need Accounting And Bookkeeping Services

When it comes to the day to day transactions of a businesses or corporation, keeping the accounting records fully up-to-date is expensive and very time-intensive. Often business owners and executives are unable to see how it adds value to their business. They often feel it is a necessary evil so that they know exactly where their money is going but it seems to be an excruciating exercise that takes precious time away from other activities that directly increase profits.

Save Your Precious Time And Money By Outsourcing

Virtual Insurance Services can do these services for you, eliminating the effort and time it takes you to do it and for a reasonable price which minimizes the financial pressures of a bookkeeping service by outsourcing. We have access to experienced bookkeepers and state-of-the-art technologies that you can depend on for the highest quality bookkeeping service available.

Outsourcing through us will allow you and your company to greatly reduce the cost of In-House bookkeeping and allow those that have been doing it to refocus on other areas that have a direct impact on your company's bottom line. By using our outsourcing services you will have access to expert accounting data that will always be correct and up-to-date.

Our focus is on providing highly accurate bookkeeping services for all of our clients. We know that each company and corporation have their unique needs and we have the experience to provide that individual attention that our clients need. Each customer will have a bookkeeper that manages each of the accounting tasks the client has and that will be responsible for documenting all transactions properly.

We are able to reconcile any bank accounts to ensure that the data provided can be relied upon and that can be done on an ongoing basis. We are able to work with your accounting team to help them set up the management software and we're even able to help to improve any existing software. Our services are able to directly contribute to your company and we are prepared to handle most any size business.

Accounts Receivable

One of the most important areas of any business enterprise is its cash flow. Whenever a business can better ensure that its cash flow and collections are timely, it allows the overall performance of a business to be more predictable. But it's important that a company is able to maximize what they get from the spending they do for managing the receivables.

Virtual Insurance Services can greatly improve a company's collections by using a number of systems that include automation, improved communication, and other best practices to improve results. We can help to improve collections, payment terms, paper-based and electronic procedures for billing and others. We help you to stay informed by communicating on a regular basis regarding receivables and customer relationships and the analysis of your cash cycle.

Applied Epic Bookkeping

Epic is a highly advanced cloud-based technology that among other things, provide applied financial accounting processes. Its interface is highly intuitive and it provides management the ability to automate and streamline processes and workflows and easily make changes in a company's customer base. This system enables easy scalability for expansions and growth.

Ams360 Bookkeping

This is a management system that's able to give real-time financial updates for any company. It helps to provide data for decisions in every area of a business and for the analysis of production and even lost business. It can provide accounting information with accelerated speed that helps to reduce a company's cost.

Applied Tam Bookkeping

At Virtual Insurance Services we believe in providing you with the applied accounting services that you need. We use up-to-date computer technology along with experienced staff and the commitment to provide you with an excellent service. We are able to give the bookkeeping and other accounting services your company demands.

Accounts Payable

Businesses need to comply with various regulations while also maximizing any expenditures they have to help reduce cost. The use of automated systems very often will help lower the cost of processing its accounts payable services. We have a firm understanding of what our customers need and can help them develop the right situation. The accounts payable services we offer are very cost-efficient as well as being dependable and flexible. We get the best results by using experienced staff and integrating with technology.

Bank Reconciliation Services

An average business will have a large number of receipts from their customers and they will need to make hundreds or even thousands of bank deposits. Many businesses experience transactions that go completely unchecked. This can lead to a bank account becoming substantially out of balance. These types of situations can be easily avoided by using the right type of service.

Reconciling bank data his highly complex and often a lengthy procedure. But the procedure will help reconcile service fees, interest payments, and outstanding checks. Obviously, the more transactions that take place the more skill level that is required when providing a reconciliation service. It's not difficult to understand the importance of this service and for that reason, we're able to provide fast efficient reconciliation for your business. Our outsourcing services use the most up to date accounting tools along with experienced staff that understands bank statements and how to resolve discrepancies to help work through the process as quickly and painlessly as possible. We're also able to maintain real-time tracking of every check that is outstanding and any deposits that are made.

We are capable of modifying your bank account digitally and make sure that all of your accounts are perfectly in sync. You don't want to allow accounting errors to become so significant they impede your business when you can use our services to quickly and easily reconcile and maintain those accounts.

There is no reason to rack your brain over daily bookkeeping task when you can easily use our services. Using Virtual Insurance Services bookkeeping can reduce headaches, mistakes and even lower cost. Give us a call today and let us show you how we can help your business.

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